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The Advanced Prosthetics Institute (API) is pleased to welcome the dental community to attend our upcoming biofunction program. Biofunction focuses on amending the damaging medley of poor jaw biomechanics, bite issues, and oral inflammation and acids. When combined, these issues can result in severe dental issues such as TMJD, extensive tooth decay, chronic facial pain, and tooth loss.

API was founded by Dr. Jason C. Campbell to serve as a resource for dental professionals who are looking to expand the scope of their practices and cultivate a more comprehensive approach to patient care. We invite you to review the outline of our biofunction course and the benefits it offers that can help you to further your own practice.

Please be aware that this course is not limited to the treatment of TMJD, migraines, or reconstruction, but rather we offer a complete practice system to help you develop your personal philosophy and comprehensively treat an under-recognized and underrepresented patient population.

Education in biofunctional theory helps dental professionals recognize and diagnose the conditions that often result in chronic pain and and dental failure and undermine restorative dental work. Our program also aims to help you recognize current patients in your practice who may be suffering from these conditions, and then set to work isolating the underlying causes and creating a comprehensive treatment plan to address the problem as a whole and relieve the patient’s chronic discomfort.

To learn more about our upcoming course on biofunction, scheduled to take place in Prescott, Arizona, please feel free to call 928-776-0239 today. We look forward to helping you acquire the knowledge and skills you need to create the dental practice you envision.