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API Surgical Course Testimonials

Highest quality content in one course that I’ve ever attended. I left this course understanding more real world techniques on surgery than any other course.
– Derek Green, 4th Year Dental Student, Arizona
This course was fantastic. The most in depth C.E. Course I have ever taken. The hands on portion was instructive and helpful. If you are looking into learning more about implants and surgeries you would like to implement into your personal practice, this course is for you.
– Dr. J. Brimley, Arizona
Well organized, comprehensive course. Presenter well prepared and delivered material in an effective understandable manner. Excellent support staff. Provides exceptional community service by training caregivers within the community.
– Dr. A. Gabriella, Arizona
Great material and very comprehensive. Seeing application to cases that I could go back and begin doing in my office while discussing key points would be very beneficial.
– Dr. S. Reed, Arizona


API Biofunctional Disorder Course Testimonials

Jason really put it all together. Great Course.
– Dr. P. Yelizar, New York
Great seminar. I look forward to implementing the information.
– Dr. S. Conley, Maryland
Excellent course/material.
– Dr. M. Hardcastle, Texas
This course was awesome. Opened my eyes to a whole new way to look at dental demise.
– Dr. L. Perrigo, Alabama
Focus on thinking like an “implant surgeon and not an implantologist” is extremely valuable. I’ve placed “simple” single tooth implants similar to the live surgery you had in the course. Seeing the way you do it was great because there were a number of simple, little things I can change that will help a lot. The live surgeries were great–especially the final case where we saw you clean out the site and prepare it for an implant with the graft and tacking the membrane. You did a great job at teaching and just instructing/lecturing. It was clear that you wanted to help us look at things from a different perspective and understand the “why” behind everything and not just the “how” to do the surgery. That’s super important and I think you did great.
Course content was great–it went far beyond the simple, yet necessary, instruction at other courses I took. Really, this would be about 15 bullet points for the course content. It was exactly what I had anticipated and hoped in regards to expanding the types of cases I will be prepared, willing, and able to complete.
– Dr. M. Slivka, Arizona
This course was outstanding. Dr. Campbell did a great job of presenting and thoroughly answering all of my questions. I feel that he has given me the foundation to implement these procedures in my practice.
– Dr. S. Conley, Jor., Maryland