Dr. Jason C. Campbell and our staff at Advanced Prosthetics Institute offer a wide range of continuing education courses on biofunctional disorders and complex dento-medical issues to help dental professionals increase their knowledge and skills. Our goal is to demystify complex dental care and provide you with the information, training, and skills to help your patients avoid dental demise, terminal dentition, TMJ problems, migraines, and chronic facial pain. Improving on or acquiring skills to provide patients with comprehensive, whole-body dental care can help you provide higher-quality care to your patients, as well as grow your practice by enabling you to attract a greater number of patients. The training we provide can be applied in EVERY practice, even if you are only interested in is preventive care and choose not to receive instruction in surgical procedures.

The courses we offer at our institute include trainings in the following dental topics:

If you are interested in increasing your dental skills to keep more dental services and procedures in-house, we invite you to register for one or more of these courses today! For more information on our continuing education courses, please contact our office at 928-776-0239.