There are a wide variety of treatments for gum disease. In some cases, your patient may require periodontal surgery in order to begin eliminating harmful bacteria and healing their gums. Dr. Jason C. Campbell will provide instruction on periodontal therapy during your courses at Advanced Prosthetics Institute. To learn more about periodontal surgery training and to register for your continuing education course, contact our office at 928-776-0239.

Preventing the more advances stages of gum disease is essential, as it can cause severe dental and health problems such as bone deterioration and gum recession, both of which require more extensive attention to treat. Your patient can prevent the advance of their gum disease through good oral hygiene practices. Other factors, such as genetics, use of medication, nutrition, and their overall health, may also contribute to the status of their gum disease.

Non-surgical periodontal therapies include deep cleanings (prophylaxis), scaling and root planing, and antibiotic treatments.

If your patient requires surgical therapy, you may need to provide a bone grafting treatment or a gingivectomy, or another surgical procedure. You will most likely need to work with a periodontist or other dental-medical specialist to ensure that your patient receives the best possible care.

For more information on periodontal surgery and other treatments for gum disease, and to register for your courses with our dentist, contact our office today.