If your patient is currently undergoing chemo or radiation therapy for cancer treatment, they may develop oral health complications as a result. During your continuing education course at Advanced Prosthetics Institute, Dr. Jason C. Campbell will provide you with information and training on how to recognize and treat these problems to help your patient control his or her oral disease. Contact us at 928-776-0239 for more information on oral disease control training and to register for your course.

More than one third of people treated for cancer using chemo and radiation therapy develop oral complications as a side effect of their treatment. These problems can interfere with their cancer treatment and diminish their overall quality of lie. Head and neck radiation, chemotherapy, and blood and marrow transplants are the most common causes of these problems. Oral complications may include anything from dry mouth to severe tooth decay, and in some cases life-threatening oral infections. The risk of oral infection is also increased by the administration of antineoplastic drugs during cancer treatment.

Our courses at Advanced Prosthetics Institute are designed to assist you in helping your patients to manage their oral heath before, during, and after their cancer treatment. The biofunctional therapies and systems in which you will receive training include the prevention of oral mucositis (inflammation and ulcers in the mucous membranes lining the digestive tract), uncontrolled tooth decay, mouth sores, severe periodontal disease, tooth erosion, soreness in the mouth and throat, and problems with the glands that produce saliva.

Dr. Jason C. Campbell offers a variety of resources to dentists to help you provide better care and instruction to your patients, including instructions on diet and oral hygiene, and published materials. One publication that we recommend for both patients and dental health care providers is “Oral Health, Cancer Care, and You.” This 12-piece series is highly useful in helping you and your patients prepare for their upcoming cancer treatment.

To learn more about oral disease control for chemo or radiation therapies, please contact our office today.