Oral and facial cancer is one of the more dangerous biofunctional complications your patients can face. When you attend our courses at Advanced Prosthetics Institute, Dr. Jason C. Campbell will instruct you on the best practices for oral and facial cancer screenings to help keep your patients in good health, and to quickly diagnose and begin treatments for oral and facial cancer. Call 928-776-0239 today to learn more about oral and facial cancer screening training and to register for our courses.

The American Dental Association recommends minimum of 2 dental checkups each year, usually performed every 6 months. This routine preventive maintenance is key to helping your patient enjoy good oral health. As well as providing regular cleanings and advice, this is also an opportunity for dental professionals to provide screenings and review and manage any developing conditions.

Symptoms of oral and facial cancer can vary widely, and are not always obvious. These forms of cancer or often painless initially, and can be difficult to detect without careful examination. You can help you patient avoid developing a more serious form of these cancers by thorough observation and by implementing a dental care program that will create conditions that stop or prevent unhealthy conditions in your patient’s mouth.

Please contact Advanced Prosthetics Institute to learn more about oral and facial cancer screenings and to register for courses with our dentist.