Tooth extractions may become necessary for a variety of reasons. Dr. Jason C. Campbell will provide additional information on tooth extractions during your courses at Advanced Prosthetics Institute. To learn more about our tooth extraction trainings and to sign up for your course with our dentist, call 928-776-0239 today.

Tooth extractions can almost always be performed at your practice. In some cases, you will need to arrange for the procedure to occur in a hospital setting. Extractions may be necessary if your patient’s teeth are:

  • Decayed or abscessed beyond what regular treatments can affect.
  • Wisdom teeth that are impacted or cannot be accommodated within your patient’s existing bite
  • Fractured
  • Damaged from trauma to the face or teeth

Extractions may also be performed if your patient is preparing for orthodontic treatment.

If your patient has an infection prior to their extraction, it will need to be cleared up with antibiotics before you can perform their procedure. If you use stitches, be sure to specify with your patient whether or not those stitches will dissolve on their own or if they will need to return so that you can remove the sutures. Also provide your patient with detailed instructions on appropriate care of the extraction site following the procedure.

For more information on tooth extraction procedures and to register for continuing education courses, contact our office today.