Part of the biofunctional philosophy developed by Dr. Jason C. Campbell is the use of state-of-the-art dental technology to provide treatments. One of the devices for which Advanced Prosthetics Institute offers training is the T-Scan machine. Call our office at 928-776-0239 for more information about T-Scan technology and make your reservation for our continuing education courses.

The T-Scan device for bite correction was developed by MIT and Tufts University. This cutting-edge technology is a patented sensor diagnostic device that records the bite force dynamics of your patients bite to determine occlusal discrepancies and other problems. It measures occlusal force, location, and timing, and allows dentists to gain additional information that helps in providing fixed prosthetics, occlusal adjustments, TMJ appliances, and other treatments. This machine’s ability to measure force over time is invaluable for evaluating trauma caused by occlusal interference is particularly valuable.

T-Scan machines feature an ultra-thin sensor, which is shaped to fit the dental arch. At your instruction, the patient will bite down on this sensor, and a computer will then analyze and display data on the force and timing of the bite in 2D or 3D color graphics. Displaying the image on the monitor also aids in patient education, as your patient can see and understand the problems with their bite and better understand their treatment options.

Ultimately, the purpose of using the T-Scan device is to provide a more accurate assessment of your patient’s biomechanical dysfunction and their needs, and to help you develop a more precise treatment plan to rehabilitate or restore their oral health

For more information, and to register for training courses at Advanced Prosthetics Institute, contact our office today.