The first step in dealing with biofunctional disorders is preventive intervention. While not always possible, preventing or halting biomechanical problems and medical conditions, such as acidity and inflammation, can often address both the medical and dental problem and make it easier to provide an effective treatment to improve your patients’ health. Dr. Jason C. Campbell offers training on the following preventive topics:

Preventive trainings in advanced oral systemic health are focused on providing dental professionals with the knowledge and skills to help patient avoid or minimize the problems that can result from biofunctional disorders and related dental-medical syndromes. This often involves therapy for TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders, bruxism therapy, and treatments for chronic facial pain and migraines. Most importantly, it involves helping your patients avoid dental demise and terminal dentition.

Dental demise and terminal dentition are phrases uses to describe severe damage to your patients’ teeth and oral health – when the teeth are diseased to the point that they must be replaced with something new. This may occur due to one or more factors, including gum disease, tooth wear, genetics, drug addiction, xerostomia (dry mouth), cavities, smoking, trauma or accidents, poor oral hygiene, tooth loss, systemic diseases, and failing restorations.

For more information on preventive care for biofunctional disorders, and to register for courses at Advanced Prosthetics Institute, based in Prescott, Arizona, please contact our office at 928-776-0239.