If preventive measures fail to halt your patients’ biofunctional disorder, and your patient begins to experience dental demise or terminal dentition, you may need to provide a rehabilitative treatment. Advanced Prosthetics Institute offers rehabilitation courses to simplify complex dental procedures and demystify the treatments involved in dental-medical issues. Please feel free to contact our office at 928-776-0239 for additional information on our rehabilitation courses and to begin the registration process for your courses with Dr. Jason C. Campbell.

When a biofunctional disorder causes your patients’ teeth to become diseased, decayed, or experience some other form of damage, rehabilitative treatment may be necessary to treat their dental-medical problems and begin restoring their oral and overall health. Many biomechanical syndromes have underlying medical causes, and you may need to collaborate with other health care providers to ensure that your patient’s care treats the underlying causes, and not only his or her symptoms.

Courses at Advanced Prosthetics Institute are focused on providing training in advanced oral systemic health, in other words, care for the entire body, so that your patient does not continue to return to your practice with the same problems over and over again. Dental rehabilitation can avert the effects of dental demise and terminal dentition before they require full restorative treatments.

Call us today to learn more about rehabilitative trainings and treatments and to begin registering for continuing education courses with our dentist.