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When viewed in a certain light, general dentistry can be a somewhat competitive industry. Patients who need advanced or specialized care sometimes need to be referred to another doctor or oral care specialist who offers services beyond the scope or your general practice.

Being able to offer comprehensive care in the office can do more than simply increase the profitability of your practice — it can also boost patient-retention rates. Many patients who are treated for complex services without being referred to a specialist often feel encouraged to refer friends and family which can help you grow your practice.

At the Advanced Prosthetics Institute, our founder, Jason Campbell, DDS, offers a broad range of educational courses to help expand your scope of service. The Biofunctional Disorders Course spans two days and introduces attendees to a system-based care approach to help demystify the complex treatments.

The course covers key insights into identifying a patient’s symptoms as well as developing the clinical skill needed to treat biofunctional disorders. In many cases, early symptoms manifest as jaw pain, facial pain and frequent headaches. These functional issues often extend beyond the structures of the jaw, increasing a patient’s chances of suffering problems such as dental fractures and chronic dental attrition.

Issues such as chronic facial pain, TMJ disorder, specific migraine problems and problems associated with the erosion of a patient’s natural dentition are often more common in the community than people realize. Developing awareness of and applicable treatments for these issues can help attendees to offer expanded surgical treatments to patients or in their daily practice.

Dr. Campbell has designed this course to help identify the underlying biomechanical issues as a first step in diagnosing the primary and secondary factors. This information is critical in developing an effective treatment plan as well as planning treatments for predictable results.

The Biofunctional Disorders Course also provides business management insights as well as innovative patient management techniques. It includes staff management tools, patient management tools and marketing tools to help attract new patients. This phase of the course will also help you understand how to quickly integrate biofunctional philosophies into your current practice.

If you would like to learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of biofunctional disorders, you should call 928-776-0239 to learn more about the two-day Biofunctional Disorders Course offered at the Advanced Prosthetics Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona.