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Dr. Jason Campbell is well known for his passion for prosthodontics, which is why he has extensive experience with the kinds of medical/dental issues our patients sometimes face. Dr. Campbell can help patients with migraine headaches, TMJ disorders, inflammatory conditions such as gastric disorders that result in acid erosion of the enamel on teeth, and missing teeth.

Using advanced technology, Dr. Campbell can support a variety of oral care issues that also affects the body, including chronic facial pain that causes allergies. He calls the diagnosis and treatment of these issues biofunctional disorders in dentistry. For example, the Advanced Prosthetics Institute uses digital technology that can accurately assess and diagnose a patient’s malocclusion, as well as treatment for the pain. We work with medical and healthcare providers to solve the issues at their root, even before we work on the dental issues. This effective approach is also cost-effective over time.

Through the Advanced Prosthetics Institute, Dr. Campbell has created training courses for other dentists and help more patients by sharing his biofunctional philosophy and systems. These courses only take two days, and they offer the benefits of a didactic segment, a hands-on clinical segment, a practice management segment, and resources dental professionals can use immediately, such as the following:

— A practice and patient management system.

— Internal and external marketing system to attract and retain patients.

— Internet and social media marketing tools.

So whether you want to learn more about preventing and treating TMJ disorders, occlusal (bite) disorders, implant placement, and dental reconstruction, the Advanced Prosthetics Institute can help. We invite you to give our team a call at 928-776-0239 if you are interested in learning more. Dr. Campbell is pleased to share his knowledge and expertise to help your dental practice thrive while helping patients!