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In recent years, dental implants have become an increasingly popular method of restoring lost teeth. While as a doctor, you naturally want to meet your patient’s needs, it is important that you understand the intricacies of the implant process, and are able to effectively put your knowledge into practice. As Dr. Jason C. Campbell notes, implants are a prosthetic-driven process, and dentists need to be well studies in how to place, and build an implant in an appropriate site, and to ensure that the implants are successful. Additionally, becoming a good implant surgeon will not only keep your patients safe, but will also protect you, and give you more opportunities to provide implants to your patients.

To help you build your knowledge base, the Advanced Prosthetics Institute in Prescott, Arizona is pleased to offer “Demystifying Complex Care: A Biofunctional Approach to Implant Placement and Restoration”, September 20 through the 22nd in 2018. This three day comprehensive course will cover a vast array of subjects regarding implants. Some of the topics that will be covered include understanding implant technology when selecting an implant system, pain control issues; suturing techniques, placing implants and surgical staging; and informed consent issues.

As the demand for implants increases, the opportunity for you to grow your client base will increase as well. This course will equip you to provide safe and effective implants surgery to your patients. Additionally, this course will provide 28 continuing education credits.

If you would like more information about this course, and to learn more about the educational opportunities at the Advanced Prosthetic Institute contact Dr. Campbell at 928-776-0239. We look forward to seeing you in September of 2018.