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Untreated stress can cause a variety of health issues with the human body. For some people this includes the unconscious clenching and grinding of the teeth while sleeping. On a chronic basis, this condition, known as bruxism can cause your patient to develop several different oral health issues.

At first this could cause chips and dental fractures on the occlusal surface of molars and premolars. In time these areas could come to foster large areas of tooth decay. The constant muscular tension could also cause inflammation and other symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Here at the Advanced Prosthetics Institute, our training programs developed by Dr. Jason Campbell can help you be better prepared to help your patients with bruxism.

This might include providing them with a custom dental guard to protect their teeth and reduce tension in the jaw muscles. Your training will also help you to understand other complications and the effective treatment strategy needed to provide symptom relief.

This could include learning how to better treat TMJ disorder through lifestyle modification, medications and other Biofunctional measures.

If you are an oral health care provider interested in advanced training in Biofunctional Disorders such as bruxism, you should call 928-776-0239 to speak to explore the educational opportunities available at the Advanced Prosthetics institute in Prescott, Arizona.