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Biofunctional dental care is by definition, a cumulative effect of negative oral biomechanical forces coupled with medical systemic issues of acidity and inflammation. This can result in dental demise, terminal dentition, induction of bruxism, occlusal trauma, symptoms of TMD, chronic facial pain, and chronic headaches.

These disorders can have a significant negative impact on your patient’s oral health, function and overall quality of life. Here at the Advanced Prosthetics Institute in Prescott, Arizona, we offer a number of continuing educational programs. Pioneered by Dr. Jason C. Campbell our courses can help you elevate your patient satisfaction.

This includes our comprehensive program on the biofunctional approach to implant placement and restoration. This is a three day course in surgical dental implants and prosthodontics designed to demystify complex dental care.

This includes topics such as:

Understanding implant technology and considerations in selecting a dental implant system. Which will also include establishing practice and patient management protocols, as well as pain management protocols.

The program will also help you understand marketing concepts for developing dental implant clientele. This includes diagnostic and surgical data gathering as well as principles in treatment planning, case presentation, and making financial arrangements.

If you would like to sign up for one of our courses you can always call 928-776-0239 to set up a consultation time with one of the representatives at the Advanced Prosthetics Institute in Prescott, Arizona.