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In recent years an increasing number of Americans have gained access to quality dental insurance and availability of dental care. Many of these individuals have required advanced dental treatments for biofunctional conditions and other issues such as TMJ disorder and problems with migraine headaches.

In some of these cases, the patient’s needs for care might have exceeded the practitioner’s ability to provide care. This often requires a referral to an outside specialist, which can result in decreased patient satisfaction.

To answer the call for continued education in advanced dental care, Dr. Jason Campbell offers dental education seminars at the Advanced Prosthodontics Institute in Prescott, Arizona.

The education opportunities offered at the Institute are based on Dr. Campbell’s extensive education in industry experience. This includes the use of digital technology to analyze and diagnose patients’ bite pattern for issues with malocclusions as well as treating related symptoms by applying principles of Dynamic Force Redistribution and Friction Free Disclusion.

The Advanced Prosthetics Institute also covers other topics related to treatment for patients with syndromic dental-medical issues. This is designed to work in collaboration with medical and healthcare providers to address the underlying factors that contribute to medical conditions prior to addressing dental issues.

If you are interested in expanding the scope of your practice’s care you should call 928-776-0239 to learn more about the programs offered at the Advanced Prosthetics Institute in Prescott, Arizona.