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In modern times, more Americans have access to dental insurance and oral health care than in the past. It is also worth noting that the average person is living longer, thus requiring more advanced dental care to preserve their oral function, and overall quality of life. Patients who need multiple referrals to address a dental need often express decreased satisfaction with the experience.

Here at the Advanced Prosthetics Institute in Prescott, Arizona, Dr. Jason Campbell has developed number of programs to answer the need for advanced dental care. This includes educational opportunities to help treat Dental Demise and Terminal Dentition.

Patients suffering from terminal dentition often have multiple teeth that are diseased, decayed, or damaged beyond the point of preventive or rehabilitative treatments. They often require one or more restorative treatments in order to restore the oral health, function and the appearance of their smile.

Dental demise and terminal dentition can be caused by a wide range of factors. This could include severe periodontal disease, dental attrition, genetic abnormalities, after-effects of drug addiction, untreated tooth decay, complications from long term tobacco use, oral trauma, and systemic diseases.

The Advanced Prosthodontics Institute offers a two-day program for continuing education in the treatment of dental demise and terminal dentition. This is designed to give you practical education and experience in treating these conditions. You will also be provided with tools and resources to help attract and retain new patients.

If you are an oral health care practitioner with patients needing treatment for dental demise and terminal dentition you should call 928-776-0239 to learn more about the programs offered at the Advanced Prosthetics Institute in Prescott, Arizona.