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There are many individuals in your community who are not receiving the care they need from their dental health care providers. Too often, this boils down to a simple lack of comprehension of the complex biofunctional conditions that underlie routine cases of tooth decay and tooth wear. Dr. Jason C. Campbell and our faculty offer you the opportunity to develop an effective approach to complex dental care.

Patients who struggle with biofunctional problems often experience symptoms such as routine jaw and facial pain and headaches. From a dental perspective, a lot of damage is being done to the teeth, such as tooth fracture and a shortened lifespan of teeth. Without proper treatment, these conditions will become chronic and grow worse.

The purpose of Advanced Prosthetics Institute is to address the following:

– Bring awareness to biofunctional disorders

– Help dental professionals from all fields recognize the symptoms of biofunctional disorder

– Pass on clinical skills for treatment

– Provide business skills and marketing skills for doctors to attract new patients who are struggling with complex dental issues

– Introduce staff and patient management tools to ensure everyone in your office has the information and discipline to succeed

Our biofunctional course introduces doctors to biofunctional disorders so that they can recognize patients and their symptoms. The main goal is to develop care systems within their practices that grow their practice and help patients with these care needs. Through Advanced Prosthetics Institute, you can adapt your newfound knowledge and resources to treat your patients from a surgical standpoint or everyday care approach.

We invite you to give our dentist and faculty a call at 928-776-0239 today if you would like to learn more about our biofunctional course in Prescott, Arizona, and how it can help you achieve your practice goals.