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At the Advanced Prosthetics Institute created and led by Dr. Jason C. Campbell in Prescott, Arizona, we offer continuing education courses teaching dentists about addressing biofunctional disorders and complex dento-medical issues to provide optimal patient care through a comprehensive treatment. Using a biofunctional approach to dentistry, we focus on systemic or whole-body care in our training to help you grow your dental practice and better serve your patients in the process.

As a general dentist, and because of his unique approach, his past, and his vision, Dr. Campbell is also involved with complex surgeries and reconstructive dentistry. Because of his own dental history, he can relate to relate to patients experiencing challenging cases which other dentists may not be willing to address.

We invite you to check out Dr. Campbell’s podcasts through our website so that you can get an idea of what the courses expand upon:

Episode: What You Weren’t Taught in Dental School
This podcast reviews Dr. Campbell’s journey into dentistry and how his teachings impact how he optimally treats his patients. You won’t look at teeth the same way after you hear him explain how biofunction in dentistry works!

Episode: The Most Under-served Area of Dentistry

This podcast details aspect of biofunctional dentistry that has not been getting the recognition it deserves and how understanding it can not only improve your patient’s oral health but also help your practice thrive.

Episode: Bringing Interventional Care to Dentistry with Dr. Jason Campbell
This podcast discusses how Jason is leading the pack when it comes to transforming the practice of dentistry. Not only is he helping patients who have lost hope regarding their dental problems but he’s casting the net of his approach to a wider audience by training other dentists to follow in his footsteps. This episode broaches the subject of interventional care, and how 99% of dental problems can be avoided by addressing three things – inflammation, biomechanical problems, and acidity problems.

Other episodes available cover topics such as keeping your surgery in-house, revolutionizing your dental practice with complex care and the profits you can earn by helping your patients with this approach.

As you can see, at the Advanced Prosthetics Institute, we continue to share how to prevent, rehabilitate, and restore the damage caused by biofunctional disorders. If you are intrigued and want to learn more, feel free to contact us to answer your questions. Please call 928-776-0239 today. We are happy to tell you about our courses in specialty dentistry and to help you register for the class of your choice with Dr. Jason C. Campbell. We look forward to hearing from you!