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At the Advanced Prosthetics Institute, our dentist, Dr. Jason C. Campbell, and our team help families receive the best possible dental care in Prescott, Arizona through our fee-for-general service dental practice. Our goal is to help patients achieve healthy, beautiful and confident smiles by providing cosmetic and restorative dentistry with a biofunctional approach to help our patients reach their smile goals.

Our treatments target complex dental care concerns, helping patients faced with dental demise or terminal dentition with reconstructive treatment. We have successfully assisted patients struggling with TMD disorders, headaches and chronic facial pain to find relief. Our institute focuses on preventing and treating TMJ disorders, bite disorders, and for those needing dental implants or dental reconstruction.

After helping our patients reach their goals, Dr. Campbell created complex care systems focusing on biofunctional methods that he has shared with dentists all over the country through our institute. The ongoing goal is improved overall general health along with oral health using comprehensive dental services that include prevention, intervention, reconstruction, and rehabilitation.

Multi-Day Courses

To teach other dentists this comprehensive approach, Advanced Prosthetics Institute offers multi-day courses which provide the following:

-A didactic segment to convey the morality behind this approach
-A hands-on clinical segment
-A practice management segment
-The resources and tools to begin using these segments right away in your own dental practice
-An internal (and external) marketing system to attract and retain new patients including internet and social media marketing tools

For those patients needing extensive care, we offer full mouth rehabilitation and smile makeovers that address multiple issues using different goals.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Also referred to as a full mouth reconstruction, this treatment focuses on restoring multiple (or all) of a patient’s teeth. This is done out of necessity, often because of terminal dentition. Terminal dentition arises when the natural teeth are severely damaged and can no longer be restored, typically from tooth decay or periodontal disease. In this case, the teeth are extracted and dental prosthetics are placed to restore normal oral function. Full mouth rehabilitation can also be used to treat bite dysfunctions. Treatment might involve a combination of the following:

-Dental bonding, inlays, onlays or veneers
-Bridges, crowns, or fillings
-Root canals, endodontic treatments, tooth extractions
-Periodontal treatments
-Dental implants or dentures

Advanced Smile Makeovers
This treatment allows you to help your patients improve their appearance and oral health voluntarily, from preference, rather than out of necessity. A smile makeover can help them achieve their aesthetic smile goals using cosmetic treatments to correct flaws such as missing, discolored teeth, crooked or decayed teeth for a dramatic difference. Treatment might involve:

-Dental bridges, crowns, fillings
-Cosmetic dental bonding, veneers, whitening
-Dental implants or dentures

If you would like to know more or to sign up for continuing education classes for training in advanced smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitation, please give us a call at 928-776-0239 today! Our team looks forward to helping you help your patients achieve their personal smile goals!