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As a dentist, you remember the time and effort that you put into dental school, and the work that you have done to expand your knowledge and your skills. Dental medicine is not a static discipline. Technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, and treatment options and therapies that were beyond the scope of earlier practitioners are at your fingertips.

Those dentists who take the time to understand new technology, and embrace new ideas will not only expand their ability to treat their patients, but will attract new clients and grow their practices. Continuing education helps you to do all of these things, and to stay abreast with the licensing requirements of your state.

At the Advanced Prosthetic Institute in Prescott Arizona, Dr. Jason Campbell is putting his years of experience to work for you, his colleagues. He has a proven track record of success in treating misaligned bites and related issues that have helped patients overcome problems with TMD, bruxism, migraines, and bridges. Not only has he performed the necessary procedures to correct these problems, but he has also guided his patient through dietary changes and the use of vitamins to improve not just their dental health, but their overall well-being. Dr. Campbell hs also treated patients for severe cases of dental erosion and has performed many successful full mouth reconstructions. He has also enjoyed success in placing and in some cases, restoring implants for his patients.

The Advanced Prosthetic Institute was created to teach dentists about addressing biofunctional disorders, a term describing problems that are both medical and dental in nature. These issues include bruxism, temporomandibular joint disorders, migraines, and gastrointestinal problems that can result in acid erosion.

Dr. Campbell has created continuing education courses to expand your ability to address these issues, which will in turn result in enhanced service to your patients, and a growing base of clientele. The the Advanced Prosthetic Institute offers courses in addressing biomechanical disorders and the evolving procedure of dental implants. In addition to coursework, there are also opportunities for clinical applications, and a segment on practice management. Not only will you discover innovative ways to run your practice, but you can explore marketing and social media techniques as well.

If you would like to learn more about how the the Advanced Prosthetic Institute can strengthen your skill set, and provide you with continuing education, credits, contact Dr. Campbell at 928-776-0239.