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If you are a dentist seeking continuing education courses, our Advanced Prosthetics Institute in Prescott, Arizona offers certification in nitrous oxide and oral sedation to help you better serve your patients. We have been successfully offering comprehensive, whole-body dental care to help our patients thrive for some time now.

You want your patients to get the treatment they need without delay, since prevention, along with catching and treating problems early is vital for their dental and general well-being. If you have patients who suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia, they may avoid the preventative care and treatment they need.

While dental anxiety and phobia are pretty common, there is help available to get patients to come in and seek care. By helping them address their dental anxiety you can help them avoid gum infection, oral pain, and broken or decaying teeth. And that’s what we’re looking at here because patients with dental phobia have a greater risk of gum disease and early tooth loss! Their overall health can also suffer, as untreated dental conditions are linked to heart disease and lung infections, for starters.

To assist these patients who may have a lower pain threshold than others, we teach you how to administer oral sedation or nitrous oxide to ensure their comfort level before and during treatment. Taking oral medication before treatment can help calm their nerves, lessen anxiety and even avoid stress-related headaches and muscle stiffness.

Whether a patient is afraid of experiencing pain, either because this has happened to them in the past or they are simply worried about it happening now, calming their anxiety is possible. These treatments can help them whether their anxiety results from helpless and not in control or worrying they won’t be able to sit still, or are simply self-conscious about having a dentist (or hygienist’s) face in their space. Whatever the reason, properly administered medication can safely address their concerns.

Nitrous Oxide – nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, offers a relaxed and comfortable experience. This form of conscious sedation dentistry uses nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen (O2) to make a gaseous sedative which your patient inhales through a tube or breathing mask. They feel pleasant as the gas calms and they feel secure. “Laughing gas” is odorless and fast-acting, without any lingering after-effects, so they can safely drive themselves home after the appointment.

Oral Sedation – also a form of conscious sedation, oral sedation is recommended for patients to lessen their anxiety, fear and discomfort before as well as during dental treatment. This orally administered sedation requires no needles or other extra equipment to administer. They simply take it in pill or liquid form by mouth and have someone drive them home afterward as it wears off.

After completing these courses, you will be certified to offer conscious sedation to your dental patients. We invite you to learn more or to register for one or more of these courses with Dr. Jason C. Campbell. Just call 928-776-0239 today!