Welcome to Advanced Prosthetics Institute!

The Advanced Prosthetics Institute is “the” dental educational center for enhancing clinical skills by demystifying the complexities of advanced dental care services including Dental and Periodontal Surgery, implant training, advanced prosthetic techniques and treatment of biofunctional Disorders.

Our mission is two fold:

First:  To ensure that individuals living in our communities have access to qualified doctors trained in “Biofunctional” philosophies that can help to prevent, intervene and to treat complex dental issues arising from poor jaw biomechanics and force distribution problems as well as the detrimental effects of oral and systemic illness of acid and inflammation.

Second:  To catapult Dental Practitioners, Dental Practices and Dental Teams to extreme growth and profitability, by creating an amazing practice identity through our Biofunctional Care Philosophy and Marketing Systems.

What Can I Expect from API’s Course Series:  Demystifying Complex Care

This course series is a Complete Practice System designed to help you create a unique identity and philosopy that will allow you to become a hero to your patients by giving you the education, Skills and practice tools to become a “fully” comprehensive care provider.  It will give you the tools to become a master marketer in an untapped market space that your competition doesn’t even know exists.  It will increase practice success and Profitability by giving you the power to attract endless new patients and add services in the areas of dentistry that are most desirable to you.  This educational series will teach you how to fully manage issues of TMJ, Chronic Facial Pain, Occlusal Disorders and Occlusal Disease.  It will teach you Surgical Principles to help you to add new surgical procedures such as tissue grafting, dental implants, sight improvement for implant placement including bone grafting.  This practice philosophy and education skill set will drive your general practice by continuously attracting a patient population with a mouth full of existing issues needing to be addressed.

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