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Advanced Prosthetics Institute is the Center for Education of Complex Dental Issues. We are a continuing education program for dental professionals who want to learn how to improve their current skill levels by adding specialty dentistry to their practice. API allows Dr. Campbell and our team to reach out to the community as well as dental and medical providers.

Dr. Campbell has pioneered advanced continuing education programs such as the API Course Series: Demystifying Complex Care, which helps dental professionals to transform their practice as well as their patients’ lives by treating their complex dental needs. Rather than fixing problems reactively, we focus on prevention to engage patients as a partner in their longterm oral health. For dental providers, it is more effective to intervene and stop problems before they develop into major (and more costly) issues.

API teaches dental practitioners how to recognize, diagnose and treat issues in the body that can lead to damaged teeth, gums, bone, and muscles. We offer courses for dental practitioners that can provide the education, skills and practice tools to become a skilled and comprehensive provider team to better serve patients, saving them unnecessary pain, time, and money in the long-term.

Taking a biofunctional approach, Dr. Campbell shows how the teeth, gums, roots, bone, are all actually the beginning of the digestive tract. In fact, digestive disorders can seriously impact the condition of the teeth and gums. When it comes to preventing tooth loss, we teach that jaw biomechanics and forced distribution plays a role in protecting teeth and gums, as does stomach acid that travels to the mouth from the stomach via heartburn, GERD, acid reflux, bulimia, etc., acidifying saliva that bathes the teeth and gums in harmful acids. Inflammation is another biofunctional culprit, whether from food allergies or bacteria hiding underneath the gum levels that can lead to cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss.

Other API Courses:

A Biofunctional Approach to Implant Placement And Restoration – this course shows how to complete surgical implant placement with a biofunctional approach for exceptional patient results.

A System-Based Care Approach To Treating Biofunctional Disorders & Dento-Medical Issues – which teaches how to correctly diagnose and treat biofunctional disorders to for optimal, long-lasting outcomes for patients.

Our courses are designed to help you transform your practice by learning how to provide oral and systemic dental care for complex cases. If you are a dental practitioner and want to take your practice skills to the next level to better serve your patients, indeed, become a hero to your patients, we invite you to look into our continuing education program.

Dr. Jason C. Campbell has been helping dental professionals covering all oral and systemic care solutions for some time now. At Advanced Prosthetics Institute in Prescott, Arizona, we look forward to helping you transform your practice with our courses on oral and systemic care!