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At Advanced Prosthetics Institute, we have a commitment to patients everywhere who are struggling with complex dental-medical conditions known as “biofunctional disorders.” Under the leadership of Dr. Jason C. Campbell, we fulfill this commitment by sharing our knowledge and treatment philosophy for a biofunctional disorder with dental professionals in all fields of oral care.

By attending our advanced treatment seminars, you can become familiar with effective marketing tools to grow your patient base. During these seminars, we don’t just focus on demystifying complex oral issues; we also provide access to training materials, products and patient management tools that you can take back to your own practice. In addition to raising awareness of the need for more clinical involvement in treating biofunctional disorders, we want to equip dental offices with the knowledge and tools to sustain patient growth as they tap into an underrepresented field of oral medicine.

Over the course of your time at our institute, you can learn how to retain a loyal patient base and enjoy sustainable growth within your practice. Our tools and techniques can be used by every member of your team to streamline the flow of your practice as you incorporate your new specialty skills and enhance your level of patient care.

If you would like to learn more about upcoming dental seminars in Prescott, Arizona, on complex oral care and growing your dental practice, you are welcome to contact our dentist and team at 928-776-0239 today or register online.