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As a prosthodontist serving in Prescott, Arizona, Dr. Jason C. Campbell directed his techniques toward preventive care, striving to treat the many complex issues presented by patients at the source. At the same time, he was receiving several referrals from neighboring dentists who were ill-equipped to treat these complicated conditions. Dr. Jason C. Campbell, who had graduated magna cum laude from Virginia Commonwealth University, realized that his community–and many others–lacked complex oral health care.

Dr. Jason C. Campbell immersed himself in advanced training for periodontics, prosthodontics, and oral surgery to better understand medical issues such as TMD and chronic facial pain and how surgical prosthetics can benefit patients who suffer from these conditions.

Through his training, he incorporated advanced techniques and technology into his practice, coining the term “biofunctional disorder” to encompass the relationship between TMD and other sources of chronic pain and dental-medical conditions (such as gastric disorders). After years of developing systems to treat these conditions in his office, Dr. Jason C. Campbell created a system that could be shared with other dental professionals and benefit the dental community as a whole.

By forming Advanced Prosthetics Institute, he can run a two-day course that shares his successful philosophy with those looking to enhance their own practice. Components of the course include a hands-on segment, practice management, marketing management, and the use of social media as a marketing tool.

To learn more about the course info and obtain your place on our list, review our website and complete an application or call 928-776-0239 today.