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You no doubt have a high number of patients who visit your office with complaints of chronic pain in their teeth, jaws, or temporomandibular joints. While persistent oral discomfort may be a singular issue of tooth decay or hidden fracture, chronic craniofacial pain typically involves underlying biomechanical disharmony.

Disadvantages of biomechanical disharmony include jaw and facial pain, headaches, tooth damage, and failing dental restorations–issues that are seemingly unrelated to the craniofacial systems and each other. When these problems involve biomechanical issues such as temporomandibular joint disorder and occlusal misalignment, these conditions need to be treated initially in order to address the patient’s discomfort and create an effective long-term treatment plan.

Unfortunately, the role of biomechanical care in dentistry is a largely untapped field, and even highly trained and experienced dental professionals may not have the resources to provide patients with the appropriate care.

Our Biofunctional Disorders Course focuses on understanding the interrelationship between chronic facial pain and biomechanical issues such as environmental issues and dental orthognathics, along with the added complications of oral inflammation and acid issues. During this course, we will cover evaluation, diagnosis, and care planning to create a system of predictable and effective treatment. During this course, you will acquire the knowledge, tools, and methods to create a comprehensive approach to treating oral and facial pain.

We invite you to sign on for a course today through our website. In addition to providing instruction on advanced dental procedures, we offer techniques for business marketing, leadership, and office management. Contact Advanced Prosthetics Institute in Prescott, Arizona, at 928-776-0239 if you have any questions or concerns about upcoming courses.