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Dr. Jason C. Campbell coined the term “biofunctional disorder” to encapsulate dental-medical disorders resulting from negative oral biomechanical forces. These conditions are often characterized by chronic inflammation and acidity, facial pain, headaches, bruxism, TMD and terminal dentition.

When a patient visits his or her dental office with a complex oral issue, he or she often walks away with only a partial diagnosis and a treatment that scrapes at the surface of the problem. For this reason, many patients continue to live with recurring discomfort and dental termination despite that fact that their condition is treatable.

The philosophy of biofunctional disorders is to broaden the view and deepen the treatment to address dental discomfort at its source, effectively cutting off any chronic reemergence of the patient’s symptoms.

So, how can you effectively incorporate the idea of biofunction into your own practice?

Dr. Jason C. Campbell founded Advanced Prosthetics Institute as a means to share his knowledge of biofunctional disorder and provide opportunities for other dental professionals to tap into this field of care and further their own practices. When you register for and attend a course, you can receive the tools and training to address complex dental care right in your own treatment facility. In turn, this can convert to increased patient commitment and patient growth for your practice.

We invite you to learn more about our upcoming courses on treating biofunctional disorder in Prescott, Arizona. Call 928-776-0239 today to speak with our dentist or a member of our faculty!