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Dr. Jason C. Campbell recognized the need for advanced restorative dental care while running his general dentistry practice in Prescott, Arizona. Many patients came to him with dento-medical issues, often after being referred from other dentists. The need for complex diagnosis and treatment led to the founding of Advanced Prosthetics Institute to teach the need for biofunctional disorder treatment.

“Biofunctional disorders” is a term coined by our dentist to describe oral health conditions involving dental rehabilitation combined with jaw and facial pain, migraines, gastric disorders, tooth enamel erosion and autoimmune diseases. Too often, these conditions are only treated at the surface or mistaken for another issue entirely.

When the need for dental rehabilitation is accompanied by the aforementioned complications, treating the situation as an isolated occurrence neglects the source of the discomfort and will prevent the patient from experiencing a full recovery. A biofunctional approach opens the door to complex care and treatment, pinpointing the source and working outward to restore full dental and oral health potential. This can require the use of advanced technology and techniques not currently available in most dental offices.

At Advanced Prosthetics Institute, we are pleased to offer courses on treating biofunctional disorders in Prescott, Arizona, to supply other dental professionals with the tools and knowledge to incorporate this tactic into their own practices. We invite you to contact our office at 928-776-0239 today to learn more about our treatment approach and its influence on modern dentistry.